Official County Delegations

NexusEQ 2013 will include “Official Delegations” from around the globe.  Their mission is to bring the insights from their country to the conference… and bring the conference to 10,000 people in the next six month.  Here is an downloadable PDF with details – and a 3-minute video explaining:

Contact the delegations through the NexusEQ Online Forum.

Want to start a delegation?  Contact Lea Brovedani to discuss!

Delegations & Coordinators

About the Delegations

Europe: Ricky Goodman & Francesca Zanisi

UK: Robin Hills & Katherine Roff

Spain: Yolanda Garzon

Switzerland: Kostas Mougios

Lithuania: Nomeda Marazienė

Italy: Ilaria Boffa

Middle East & Africa: Jayne Morrison

Brazil: Carlos Aldan

India: Dexter Valles

China: Natalie Roitman

Japan: Yoshie Katsumata

Singapore & Malaysia: Sue McNamara & FC Law


The purpose of the Official Delegation is to move the conference from a 1-time learning event toward global resource for creating positive change. 

The delegations are responsible for:

  1. Using the conference as an opportunity for increasing awareness of emotional intelligence
  2. Bringing the voice of their country to the conference
  3. Bringing the conference back to their country

If you’d like to be part of an official Country Delegation, contact the delegations through the NexusEQ Online Forum – or email